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anti-bacterial yarn

Ne 6s - Ne 60s, undyed cone yarn

Fiber content:

100% anti-bacterial polyester yarn

Anti-bacterial polyester / cotton blended yarn

Anti-bacterial polyester / viscose blended yarn

Product Features:

1)silver ion as the anti-bacterial agent

2)anti-bacterial effect lasting

3)washing durability

4)anti -bacterial rate: >99%

5)harmless to humans


The anti-bacterial polyester yarn is with silver ion as the anti-bacterial agent during the fiber production. This agent has obvious effect to staphylococcus aureus, pneumobacillus, Candida albicans etc..... The important is, because of the silver ion is built into the inside of fiber, they can release out slowly to form the new inhibition zone when the fiber surface’s ions fall off. The anti-bacterial effect can last for a very long time.