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Pupa yarn

Ne 8s/2 hand weaving yarn  View all hand weaving yarn

Ne 20s/1, 24s/1, 30s/1, 40s/1, 50s/1, 60s/1 for knitting

Ne 20s/2, 24s/2, 30s/2, 40s/2, 50s/2, 60s/2 for weaving 

Fiber content:

100% pupa protein yarns 

pupa / cotton 30:70 & 50:50 yarn

pupa / viscose  30:70 & 50:50 yarn

pupa / wool  30:70 & 50:50 yarn

pupa / tencel  30:70 & 50:50 yarn

pupa / polyester 30:70 & 50:50 yarn

Yarn features:

Skin friendly . Soft touch . Healthy . Comfortable 

1) 18 amino acids inside to care skin 

2) soft touch like cashmere 

3) elegant appearance like silk 

4) excellent moisture absorption like cotton 

5) good air permeability


knitting & weaving fabrics, baby clothes,  underwear,  garments,  T-shirts,  towels,  Pajamas,  bedclothes

What is pupa protein fiber yarn?

      The pupa protein yarn is made of fine animal protein + pure natural plant fibers. Pupa protein fiber is a new natural biomass fiber manufactured after alloying pupa protein and natural cellulose by utilizing polymer technology, chemical fiber spinning technology and biological engineering technology comprehensively. High - tech is used in the production. Thus, while the fiber comes into being, protein can be enriched in the surface, forming protein fiber of skin - core structure.