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The textile industry recovering

Form:Original Time:2015-05-04

        In past April, the business of domestic textile factories keep on recovering, the rate of machines running is also improved. The textile industry has more confidence in future market. From the year of 2012, the low market situation force the textile manufacturer to upgrade the yarn products, improve the competition. The high quality yarns will come the mainstream in the future.

        Wuxi Asin Tex Co Ltd will continue the manufacturing of top grade quality of natural yarns and functional yarns under this situation. At the same time, we will spend more attention to some special yarns like the milk yarn, soy yarn, silk yarn, linen yarn, wool yarn, cashmere yarn. Excellent yarn quality is our target.

        Wuxi Asin Tex Co Limited also sent the delegates to the forum. The people from Asin Tex emphasized the importance of developing natural yarn and functional yarn as well as the fancy yarn. Compared to the normal yarns, those yarns will be more popular in the market with the living standards rose. Specially, they introduced the milk yarn.